• A few weeks ago, a new project made me take a hard decision. With 4 barndoor busses in the garage, including 3 which are pretty rare, it seemed reasonnable to let one of them go to another home to give all the attention to the 3 others. Story of a weekend... Read more

  • Well, another of my busses is currently moving to the new home !

    My friend Pierre is crossing France with the 52 Samba and will stay at home for the Week end to have some fun in the garage....

    That will make 3 Barndoors here tonight, and the 51 panel still to move in the next weeks !

    But Pierre will not leave with an empty trailer !!

  • A new page where you can find all events in your area in a few seconds ! Read more

  • Rescuing rare vehicles from the wild is something really exciting. . . Here is the last project I brought from Sweden a few months ago, and once again it has a crazy history !! I’d say it is one of the nicest barndoor I found. Read more

  • Dropping the bus on the trailer was a real pain for the helicopter pilot.... but thankfully, we avoid the worst ! Here is an impressive video about the first landing trial ! Read more

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