• 10th of November 2015

    70 years after it was purchased by his mother, by J.M Harris tell us the story of this 1952 Right hand drive barndoor which might be the first ever imported in Kenya !

  • 21th of October 2015

    Maybe have you seen some of them on the net already... these old VW ads or pictures that look very authentic but that show modified vehicles. No, VW didn't release split beetles with American Racing wheels, nor highroof busses on gasburners... These ads who might looks original are the work of Florent, who seems to be a Photoshop master !

  • 13th of September 2015

    It's during a bicycle trip that I had the chance to see these 4 Kubelwagen last week in the Slovenian moutains. I only had my cellphone to take pictures, but this kind of situation was rare enough to take a few pictures anyway !

  • 20th of August 2015

    Pierre and Justine were visiting us yesterday with their beautiful OG paint panelvan from 1967... A quick photo session was mandatory before they left this morning !

  • 04th of August 2015

    First “official” meeting for AirMapp at The Bug Show (BE), last weekend. A big thanks to everybody who came by our stand to visit us and have a chat ! We had great moments during these 2 days in Belgium. Here are some pictures !


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